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I'm Camilla and I've been a healer for as long as I can remember. For me this work isn't a job but a calling to help others heal and connect with their sense of spirituality in a personal, relevant and down-to-earth way. Spirituality can be very sacred but it can also be a part of everyday life that enriches our connection with the world and ourselves. 

I help people process and move through difficult times because I believe that by consciously engaging with our life we learn about who we are on a much deeper level. We can also grow so we feel grounded and secure, and able to thrive during the good times, and successfully manage the tough times. By learning to connect deeply with ourselves, we also learn to connect more intimately with others.  

I've trained and qualified through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and the Phoenix Institute of Australia and offer a special combination of shamanic healing and arts-based psychotherapy at my practice in Melbourne. I also hold a range of group workshops through the year, so you have a variety of options to suit what you're after.  

If it's time to heal wounds from the past and make a better life for yourself, and you're looking for an open-minded, down-to-earth practitioner who really cares, then let's connect!


I approached Camilla during a time of spiritual difficulty. The space she held for me was warm and inviting and I greatly appreciated her insight, advice and shamanic healing work.

Thank you!

Shamanic Healing

What is shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing is one of the world's oldest forms of energy medicine. It has a mysterious way of calling to us and I've had many clients come to see me who didn't known what to expect but were drawn by something they were seeking.


Shamanic healing has been found in every civilization on earth and is still practiced in all corners of the globe today. It has endured because it works. It recognizes and celebrates the spiritual nature of being human, it cares for the needs of the soul and helps to maintain our spiritual vitality. You know when you're feeling alive, vital and grounded, everything just seems to happen effortlessly? Looking after your spiritual health, and having a clear and collected energetic field, helps you get there.

Shamanic healing is great for general health and well-being but it can also be taken to a deeper level to heal deep wounds, shift old patterns, and pave the way for a life that feels more authentic and connected. I have personally experienced enormous transformations through shamanic healing and I offer it because I truly believe it can help you as it has helped me.

As a shamanic practitioner I understand the spiritual realms and can also help you if you've had an uncomfortable or scary spiritual experience, and provide guidance and support to find spiritual protection. These kinds of experiences are not uncommon, even if they are not openly spoken about, and your story will be treated with care and an open mind.


What to expect


When you arrive the first thing you'll notice is the warm, aromatic smell of incense, the room is dimly lit with a candle, and the couch is soft. I hold longer sessions because there's no need to rush, this is where you can slow down and shut out the stress from the day. We spend the first half hour getting to know one another, so I understand what you want to achieve and answer any questions you might have. Then we move to the healing.

I work above the body and with some light touch, as you lie comfortably on the mat or sit in a chair. You'll hear the sound of my rattles calling in my spirit helpers, the rhythmic beat of the shamanic drum and sometimes a gentle healing song. During the session I work to remove unhelpful energies from your system and your life, and restore your scattered vitality, so that blocks are removed and you are able to move forward.


It is normal and natural to feel the effects of the healing for a number of days afterward as the energies process through. The shamanic healing session may also have long-lasting effects that unfold over time to heal those deeper wounds and patterns, and make those bigger shifts you desire in your life. 

Common Benefits

Feeling lighter and less burdened 

Feeling grounded 

Feeling more energized

Better mental clarity

Fewer spiritual disturbances

Spiritual protection

Shifts in problem situations

Feeling 'whole' again

It can help with

Feeling lost, scattered or empty 

Feeling blocked or weighed down

Anxiety and depression

Distressing spiritual experiences

Repeating life patterns

Chronic bad luck

Unexplained illness


Soul Portion Retrieval

Restores lost or scattered life force caused by traumatic or negative experiences.

Extraction Healing

Removes unhelpful or stagnant energies from the body and your life.

Helping Guide Retrieval

Unites you with an unseen benevolent helper for energetic and spiritual support and protection.

Tuvan Drum Healing

Particularly useful to alleviate physical ailments, bodily pain and drive out spiritual intrusions. 

spirit detachment

Removes unseen spirit influences that may be negatively affecting you. Some people are aware of these spirits, others are not.

Distance healing

Real-time healing performed at a distance for those who are unable to visit my consult rooms, with a full debrief included.


Performed free of charge at the request of friends or family of those who have died to ensure they transition safely to the realms beyond.


Art therapy

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a kind of counselling with a twist. While we do talk and debrief during sessions, you also get to make and create. Now just wait! Before you shut down and run away at the thought of being creative, hear me out! Give me a moment to arouse your curiosity and hint at the amazing benefits this therapy can bring to your life.

If you learnt early on that you were 'no good' at art-making, you're not alone. As we got older most of us left the story-writing and painting, along with our sense of fun and freedom to express ourselves openly and honestly, behind in the classroom. But that magical world of powdery, coloured chalks and oily, glossy pastels has something profoundly powerful to offer us that maybe we've misunderstood. 

Art therapy opens up the possibility for you to reconnect with that creativity again so you can openly and safely express what you're really feeling. All those frustrations, sadness and anger that feels like a weight on your chest or a knot in your gut can come out, and you can explore your inner thoughts in a deep and connected way. Through art therapy you can learn about yourself, unpack old beliefs, and literally create new possibilities for your life.   


no masterpieces here

Most of my clients haven't played with a sand tray or picked up a crayon since they were kids but once they experience the safe and non-judgemental atmosphere of my consult room, they settle and feel more comfortable. When they witness the amazing shifts they make in those stuck old emotions, and feel empowered to take steps toward better health, relationships, jobs and homes, they're converts and keep coming back!

Art-making in our sessions is about healing, understanding and growing, not about making masterpieces. You'll be amazed at how any awkward feelings melt away as you stick images into a collage or write a letter you'll never send, as you access a deeper part of yourself that is yearning to be heard.

Art therapy helps you work your way out of a dark place, to de-stress and explore what you really want in your life. I live to support my clients to experience those 'aha!' moments as they discover things about themselves they didn't even know, and untangle the thoughts in their heads that make their lives difficult. I've seen this powerful and gentle process change lives and I'd love to share it with you too.

Common Benefits

Stress reduction

Emotional release and healing

Developing healthy boundaries

Developing a sense of self worth

Shifts in problem situations

Moving beyond difficult experiences

Make changes toward a life you want 

It can help with

Feeling lost, scattered or empty 

Grief, anger, sadness and shame

Anxiety, stress and depression

Suffering from traumatic experience

Being stuck in unhappy circumstances

Processing difficult childhood memories and influences

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