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Ceremony of Transformation

Set clear intention for the healing and change you want

Connect with your inner wisdom and creativity

let go of those patterns that feel like shackles in your life

Catalyze change through spiritual work


Do you have a story to let go?

Do you have a story you're ready to let go? It's the one that's been hanging around a while, buzzing around your head and influencing your life in unhelpful ways. Maybe it's about old relationships, a traumatic event, or the way you see yourself, and it may impact you negatively, like through missed opportunities that leave you feeling stuck and unworthy.

You are not alone. The truth is, we all hang onto experiences that have deeply impacted us. Sometimes we hang onto them so long they hurt and it’s hard to imagine life without them.

But have you ever asked yourself who you’d be without these stories you tell yourself over and over again? What it’d be like if you had a whole lot more space in your mind and your life to build something else, instead of hanging onto the past? There comes a time when you’re ready, and it’s time to make a decision to move on. This is where the power of ceremony comes in....

ceremony is a powerful tool that we use to focus our intentions and call on spiritual energies to help us evolve

by consciously announcing our willingness and commitment to change, those forces come to meet us

When it's time...

Ceremony is a sacred time to slow down and shut out the hustle and bustle, it's a time to shift gear and turn your focus inwards. By becoming quiet and listening deeply to the stories that we hold onto, we can heal and shape them differently. This ceremony weaves together shamanic practice, therapeutic art-making and mindfulness to create a deeply connected and personal experience. The day will include:

calling in the spirits, guides and ancestors 

transformational mask-making

mindfulness meditation

journalling & confidential group work

an organic healing mandala 


Each process is designed to take you deeper into yourself, to access resources and power your may never have known was there, and to plant seeds for something new!

receiving healing...

If you ready to create new possibilities for yourself and reclaim an identity beyond the old hurts you are carrying, this is an ideal opportunity. If you want to let go of the old stories and move onto a new chapter, then this is a beginning. It's time to gather your energies, to set your sights on your potential, and reach for it!

Moving through this ceremony doesn't mean that setbacks in your life didn't happen but it's an opportunity to decide that they won't rule your life anymore.

If you are called to the sound of the shamanic drum, and want to connect with your spirituality and creativity, this space is welcoming and inclusive. You don't need any prior experience or creative ability to join us.


If you feel it in your gut that it's time to take the leap and make this commitment to yourself, we'd love you to join us! This group will be kept intimate and spaces are limited. These are your final weeks to register!



Sat 8 September

12:30 - 5pm



Body Voice Centre

Footscray VIC 

create space in your mind and freedom in your life

Think differently about who you are

About Camilla

I'm Camilla and I've been a healer for as long as I can remember. For me this work isn't a job but a calling to help others heal and connect with their sense of spirituality in a personal, relevant and down-to-earth way. I offer this ceremony as an opportunity for you to access a sacred atmosphere to set clear intention for the healing and shifts you want to see in your life. 

I've trained and qualified through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and the Phoenix Institute of Australia and I'm both a shamanic healer and arts-based psychotherapist. I believe in healing holistically and I weave together ancient and modern practices to create unique and deeply personal experiences. I've been through many ceremonies and initiations in my life and now share the power of this healing process with you. This experience has the potential to change your life as you commit to step onto a path of healing and personal evolution.


Join us on the 8th of September, by registering at the link below.

Connect to new possibilities

Pave the way for your healing

Catalyze change in your life!

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