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Coming Back to Me

Shut out the stress, slow down your mind and come back into balance

Evaluate where your time and energy is going

Explore the drives, needs and cycles that bring you out of balance

Connect with your Inner Guidance, creativity and what is really important to you

Learn new techniques for maintaining your centre

Explore the value of being a woman and the power of your presence

Be held in a safe and confidential space

Take time for your own self care



Thank you Camilla for facilitating such a warm and inviting environment in order to express myself and explore the things in my life both holding me back and that are an asset. The activities you introduced me to have been invaluable in gaining insight, and have been extremely useful on a daily basis. Thank you again.

This program hasn't been scheduled yet. If you'd like to be notified when it's running, please register your interest below.

valuing you

This women's program is designed to provide you with a supported space to re-centre, reflect and reconnect with yourself. Life can get crazy, and hard lessons, difficult circumstances, or just the everyday juggle can wear you down. This is an opportunity for you to come back into balance in a supportive group environment while exploring where you are placing your energies in life, and where they need to be redirected.

This is also an opportunity to take a deeper look at the drives and unmet needs that may be keeping you trapped in circumstances that are weighing you down and holding you back.


We also look at the changing position of women in our society, and how we as individuals embody the power and wisdom of the feminine.  

what to expect

The program is designed to support you to explore your own power and provide techniques to use in everyday life that will help you maintain your inner balance. This program can be a great way to 'reset' and provide yourself with time for self care, and an opportunity to look deeper at the reasons why you find yourself in circumstances that are not serving you. The program doesn't require any artistic skill or ability and will include: 

Confidential group work


Mindfulness meditation


Light refreshments

All materials provided

Connect to what is important to you

Evaluate where you're focusing your energy in life

Find your internal balance and connect with your feminine power

Connect with your creativity and a like-minded community

Be held in a safe and confidential space

Release yourself from what holds you back

Open up to new possibilities

About Camilla

I'm Camilla and I've been a healer for as long as I can remember. For me this work isn't a job but a calling to help others heal and connect with their sense of spirituality in a personal, relevant and down-to-earth way. I offer this women's program as an opportunity for you to access a safe and supportive environment to set goals for how you really want to live your life and to connect with your femininity in a way that feels empowering and deeply valuable to the world. 

I've trained and qualified through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and the Phoenix Institute of Australia and in this group process I offer a special combination of shamanic and arts-based practices to create a deeply engaging, creative and immersive experience.   

If it's time to find your sense of balance, strength and move toward a life you really want to live, let's connect! Spaces are limited for this workshop to maintain an intimate atmosphere. Register on the waiting list, free of obligation, to learn when it is next scheduled.